After a tiring week full of emails, stocktake, countless customer enquiries and of course, meetings, by Friday afternoon the homebodii girls were just about ready to snooze their way through Friday.

That was until the boss made us change into our pyjamas for no given reason. Despite our sudden interest and persistent questioning, we were not allowed to know her reasoning ...

Then all of a sudden, out of the front studio comes drifting meditation music! As we walk in, we are greeted by Gopal Lloyd, yoga instructor and leader of My Strength Yoga. Yoga mats and all. Ahh, the instantaneous serenity.

homebodii yoga

As soon as we began the session, we couldn't help but giggle at the fact that a yoga instructor came into the homebodii HQ. To teach us yoga. Seriously, this happened.

After closing the session with a 10 minute relaxation and reflective - 'lay down' - in which all the girls dozed off, we sat down with Gopal. He was surprised with how tired we all were, so was kind enough to give us 5 tips on how to enhance your good night's sleep:

1. 30 mins before bed, be sure to switch off your devices and say goodnight to the world. Studies show that the blue light omitted form your phone screen will affect your sleep, so it's best to have it out of your system half an hour before bed time.

2. Sit down somewhere nice and quiet. 20 deep belly breaths. Pace yourself.

3. It is important to reflect on your day, and think about everything you have completed. More, it is important that you think about the things you achieved that day! Gopal says that reflecting on the positive rather than the negative helps with your self-esteem and overall mood.

4. Think about what you're going to do and achieve when you wake up the next morning. Easier said than done when you don't have coffee in your system, but starting the day with a positive mindset will make it easier to get things done.

5. Find your favourite pillow, close your eyes, perhaps sprinkle some essential oil on the insides of your wrists and elbows. Drift off to dreamland!

As if this session with Gopal wasn't enough of a spoil, Ingrid then treated all of us homebodii girls to the guilty pleasure that is ice cream.

homebodii ice cream

homebodii ice cream

homebodii ice cream

Oh, what a glorious Friday! It's not often you can claim that your boss treats you to yoga and ice cream while you're working.

Got any other good tips on ensuring a good night's sleep? Be sure to leave them in the comments below!

March 13, 2017 — Lauren McCarthy
Tags: Lifestyle

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