Whether you're grooving with your girlfriends, singing in the shower, or getting your hair and makeup done, we have the twenty best songs that will pump you up and boost the mood on your wedding morning! From your hairbrush microphone moments, to when all the energy in the room gets a little too high, to when the champagne hits ... here are the perfect songs to play on your wedding morning!

1. 'Crazy in Love' - Beyonce & Jay Z

2. 'Say My Name' - Destiny's Child

3. 'Jump' - Kriss Kross

4. 'Barbie Girl' - Aqua

5. 'Truly Madly Deeply' - Savage Garden

6. 'The Way You Make Me Feel' - Michael Jackson

7. 'One Week' - Barenaked Ladies

8. 'Walking on Sunshine' - Katrina and the Waves

9. 'Marry You' - Bruno Mars

10. 'Firework' - Katy Perry

11. 'Gold Digger' - Kanye West and Jamie Foxx

12. 'Mercy' - Duffy

13. 'Life Sounds Like (I'm Alive)' - Michael Franti & The Spearhead

14. 'L-O-V-E' - Michael Buble

15. 'Halo' - Beyonce

16. 'Girl on Fire' - Alicia Keys

17. 'Single Ladies' - Beyonce

18. 'All of Me' - John Legend

19. 'Stayin' Alive' - Bee Gees

20. 'You're My Best Friend' - Queen

If you have any other good pre-wedding jams, leave it in a comment below!

March 07, 2017 — Lauren McCarthy
Tags: Wedding Day

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