What is Tencel®

Recently you may have seen the word Tencel® popping up on the labels of your clothes more and more, and yet find yourself wondering what exactly is it?

Tencel® is a sustainable botanic fibre, made from the harvesting of Eucalyptus Trees, using the collected wood pulp in a “closed-loop” manufacturing process. Eucalyptus is fast generating and grown without the use of harmful chemicals, making Tencel® both ecofriendly and safe for you.

Why Tencel®  

Tencel® vs. Organic Cotton
While cotton may feel beautiful on your skin, during manufacturing it can be exposed to up to 2000 chemicals. Tencel® by Lenzing, however, is free from these harmful chemicals, adhering to much stricter regulation, produced using only non-toxic organic chemicals.

Tencel’s soft and light fabrication also absorbs up to 70% more water than cotton allowing a dry and comfortable fit. The fibres of Tencel® make it near impossible for bacteria to grow and are more hypoallergenic than cotton. No static charge also means the fabric does not attract dust, dust mites, and other particles.

Its time to try Tencel®
Better for the enviroment
Better for your body
Better for your bed

The best for our enviroment

Not only does Tencel® last longer than cotton, but it is machine washable and even gets softer every time you wash it! Lighter than linen and softer than silk, choosing an environmentally conscious product, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

The fibre yield of Tencel® is considerably higher, at ten times the yield of standard cotton. That is, for every 1 cotton shirt made, 10 Tencel® shirts can be produced.

The best option for the environment, the “closed-loop” production process of Tencel® means that all solvents used are captured and reused, with no potential contaminants being leaked into our water ways. Using Tencel® is just one of the numerous ways Homebodii is committing to protecting the health of the planet.