Recently, we visited makeup artist Erin Gallienne to see what all the fuss is about the 'no makeup' makeup look.

As recorded live on our Instagram story, Erin effortlessly showed us how to create the perfect day-to-day look - and we have created a quick guide for you to go by!

In these images, our model is wearing homebodii's Marie Romper and Marchesa Flutter Robe


Be sure to moisturise and prime your face before you apply any makeup! The Jane Iredale primer used by Erin has a natural ingredient that blocks your pores from the makeup, so you don't have any debris in your nose/t zone!


In order to make yourself look more awake, Erin says that under-eye concealer is the most effective way. Choose a a concealer a couple shades lighter than your foundation and pat it in firmly underneath the eyes, from the lower lash line to the top of your cheekbone. Erin says that either your fingers or a small, rounded brush are the best tools.


The step that works magic! Many makeup artists recommend use of your hands/fingers to apply your foundation. This is because the warmth of your skin will ensure that the foundation is completely blended into the skin, making it look more natural.

Step 4: POWDER

To ensure that your foundation stays firm during the day, powder is the only way! As well as providing you with that little bit of extra coverage, pressing powder all over the face will make sure that your liquid foundation will stay completely on. Living in Australia, we can't really afford to not use it!


In order to keep the look natural, Erin says that using creme-based, earthy eyeshadows is best. In this look, Erin used gold and brown shimmery shadows in order to add some depth to the eye, as well as using the shimmer to help widen the eyes.


Instead of using dramatic cremes to 'contour' the face, it is far more natural to use bronzing powder. Not only is it a lot quicker to apply, but the powder warms up the face and defines the cheeks more naturally.


In order to give the face that extra bit of shine, apply a bit of powder highlighter along the tops of your cheeks, the bridge of the nose, your cupids bow and a little on your chin. When the light hits your face, the highlighter will catch it in a way that will make you skin G L O W !


Now this step is optional! But if you would like to add some shape to your eyes, Erin recommends a slight flick on the ends. If you are sticking with the natural look, a smudge of brown eyeshadow on the outer lash line always works a wonder!

homebodii beauty


Erin says that what people probably don't use already is an eyelash primer. "This primes the lashes and bulks them right up, allowing them to hold the mascara all day". You heard it from the woman yourself - prime those lashes!

Step 10: MASCARA

No makeup look is complete without a little bit of mascara to lengthen your lashes. If you have chosen to smudge a bit of shadow or liner on the outer corners of your lashline, the mascara will blend in perfectly to make for a stunning eye shape.

Now that you have mastered your makeup, go out and strut your stuff!

homebodii beauty

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March 28, 2017 — Lauren McCarthy
Tags: Style Inspo

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