Our True Homebody ... being at home with ourselves

While working and lounging at home for the past few months was the perfect chance to enjoy our own space, it got us thinking about the time-old phrase – ‘home is where the heart is’. We realised, to be a true homebody, we have to feel at home with ourselves before we can find home anywhere else. So what can we do to embrace our inner homebody? Here are some of the ways we at Homebodii HQ like to find home in our hearts.



Whether it’s before bed, in the morning, or at little points throughout your day, meditation comes in many forms – each unique to different homebodys. That special routine of taking a couple of minutes each day to ground yourself is so important for our hearts and minds. Each homebody will have a different meditation routine that works for them, but in case you’re feeling stuck, here’s a super simple way to ease yourself into finding your centre, and your true inner homebody. 

Start with only 2 minutes a day, at a time that will work for you every day. If you’re at home, grab your favourite pair of comfy pyjamas, and find a quiet spot. Start to focus on your breath, feeling it move through your heart and mind, without letting your thoughts wander. Doing just this for 2 minutes a day will leave you feeling grounded and is a super step to feeling at home with ourselves!

Positive Affirmations...


There’s nothing better for self-love, and finding home within your heart, than including positive affirmations in your daily routine! Take the time to write yourself some positive messages and stick them around your home and workplace, as little reminders that you are amazing!

Another little routine we love is to create a list of your positive affirmations, and challenge yourself each day to add one more to the list! Remind your heart and mind that you are a strong, beautiful, amazing homebody!

Practicing gratitude...


We have so much to be grateful for every day…so why not write down our thanks to the world, and to ourselves? Sometimes finding and remembering your positive thoughts can be the best way to bring yourself home to your heart. Challenge yourself to write down three things every day that you’re grateful for…sometimes there may even be more you hadn’t thought about!

Reminding ourselves about all the good we can put out into the world, and receive back can completely change how you’re feeling at the start or end of your day, and allow you to feel truly at home within yourself.

Listening to our hearts...


The most important step in being at home with yourself, is to listen to your heart. After all, at the end of the day when we truly come home, we need to feel happy and safe within our hearts! Listening to your heart means being aware of how you are feeling, and what you truly need. We are all beautiful humans, and sometimes we need a break, or some me-time!

Whatever relaxation looks like to you, it’s so important to work it into your schedule. Grab your favourite pair of PJ’s, a good book and a cup of tea, and just allow yourself to embrace your true homebody.