It’s that time of year again… no, not Christmas, not Easter, not even Valentines day. It’s the dreaded time of year where you come to the sudden scary realisation it’s not January anymore but you are almost half way through the year and well, you haven’t stuck to your New Years resolutions.

We too, want to hop back into bed wearing our favourite homebodii pyjamas, eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's, binge watch the Bachelor and live in denial of all those positive plans created the first day of the year, but we must not!

Homebodii has created some simple tips and tricks to getting yourself back on track! Now drop that remote and pick up a pen for tip #1.

Déjà vu! Write down your goals and make them achievable!

The first step is the easiest part; you’ve done it before. Write down your goals and aspirations for the rest of the year, but this time instead of aiming for the stars think hard about why you haven’t conquered any previous goals. Edit your goals to make them more achievable e.g., if you wanted to do 300 squats a day change it to something less intimidating, like 300 a week.

Another easy way to keep yourself on track is to split it into months. Think of your goal as a flower; plant the seed within the first month, water it and work on it through the second month and watch it bloom by the third month!

Now put this list up somewhere you can see it everyday.


Make your new goals something you actually want to achieve and believe in yourself!

Walt Disney once said, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing". Jump straight into these mid year resolutions, no more "I'll start tomorrow". If you make your goals something fun and exciting, you'll actually want to achieve them, and in the long run New Years Resolutions will become a breeze for you. If you love painting and have stopped, make one of your goals related to getting creative once a week. If you want to start exercising, try Yoga or Pilates, something less intense that will still release the endorphins you need in order to keep it going! Goal setting like this will make you happy, helping you regain passion and will help you prepare for more difficult goals. Look in the mirror and remind yourself you've got this!

Text Your Friends!

This next step is a bit daunting, take out your phone (resist the urge to go online shopping) and text all your closest girlfriends a few of your goals.

By sending a text to your girlfriends not only have you gained someone to keep you accountable of your goals but also now you have someone to talk to about them with if you're struggling. The next time you bump into them, they’ll ask "how is that goal going!" and you’ll either be reminded of your targets and what you're meant to working towards or you'll be able to brag about how amazing you've been if you've achieved them. What are girlfriends for, right!

Treat Yourself!

We reward our pets and children when they do something good, so why don't we reward ourselves for achieving our goals? As an incentive to push along with your mid year resolutions think about something you'd really want for smashing that really hard goal... maybe it's a big plate of waffles for all those squats you've been doing, or the homebodii Olivia Cami set so you can read your books in comfort.

📷- @_justynaniko_

Remember: be realistic, write it down, tell your friends, visualise it and treat yourself! If you smash out the rest of the year, imagine what a pro you'll be by 2019!

Feel free to share your favourite tips that keep you on track with us!

June 04, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
Tags: Lifestyle

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