In light of Mother’s Day, we spoke to one of our favourite homebodii mum’s Nat Lynn. When she’s not looking after her two young ones, she’s busy running her successful photography business Milque alongside hubby, Dean, which she established in 2010.

Prior to founding Milque, Nat worked as a successful fashion and advertising photographer, but it was her inspiration drawn from her engagement and wedding planning that lit a flame in her which led to the creation of one of Australia’s most loved wedding and portrait photography companies!

Here at homebodii, we love Nat for her refreshing approach to artwork, and her seamless ability to balance entrepreneurship, with the tender dedication and love of motherhood. Nat gave us some insight into her experience with becoming a mother, her biggest inspirations and advice on how to keep a healthy, happy life.


Are there any mums out there who inspire you?

My own mum is my biggest inspiration. She has made her children her world and knowing that I have someone always there to support me is the reason why I have succeeded in anything I have done.

How do you make time for yourself with two babies at home, and do you have any tips for other mothers out there?

I believe as a mum you need to be full of yourself.

Meaning that- if you don’t fill yourself up and give yourself sometime, than you will have absolutely nothing to give to anyone else. So it is equally important to put time aside for yourself as it is for your family (and although I do believe this I still have trouble doing it).

Nat in our super soft Lush Plush Robe with her beautiful new born baby.

Did you have any expectations as a first-time mum that didn’t quite pan out as you expected?

Where do I start? I had no idea what to expect first time around. Being a businesswoman I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy motherhood as much as I did and I actually enjoyed every single stage from newborn to toddler. I started a business in Sydney, Australia when I was pregnant (which was ridiculous) and closed it a year later because I realised that although I enjoy working and being a mum, being a mum made me a hell of a lot happier than building business'.

What aspect of your life has changed most since you became a parent?

I am a very fast paced person. After having my first child I really fought at life not changing too much. But now that I have just had my second, I actually wanting to slow down and instead of fighting to keep who I was I am enjoying the change in my lifestyle.


If you could give one piece of advice to a first-time parent, what would it be?

If I’m not active I start getting down so as soon as you can- get out of the house. First thing in the morning put into your everyday routine to get out with bubs and exercise whether it is a walk or a gym workout. It is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical well being.

Nat from Milque Photography in our soft Lush Plush Robe

Be sure to go to Nat’s website and check out the amazing work being produced over at Milque!

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May 05, 2017 — Claire Spencer
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