A bridal shower is a pre-wedding get together that allows the bride-to-be and her closest friends and family to celebrate before the big day. The key ingredients for a perfect bridal shower are finding the right venue, creating a great guest list, fun theme and dress code, getting creative with activities for the celebration and finding special gifts for the bride-to-be and the guests to enjoy.
So, have you been tasked with throwing the bride-to-be the perfect bridal shower? Well, you’re in luck, as Homebodii has compiled a guide to preparing the ultimate bridal shower that will give the bride-to-be an abundance of memories that she will treasure forever.

Step 1: Choose a venue

Make her bridal shower memorable by choosing a venue that is unique to her personality. If the bride-to-be enjoys luxurious outings and dressing up, rent out a private room in an upmarket hotel or in her favourite restaurant.

Or, perhaps she is a home-body and prefers low-key affairs. In this case, set up a long table and chairs in the park or create the perfect bridal shower at home. Think about her personality and what she enjoys, this will help you with choosing the perfect venue.

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Step 2: Gather a guest list

Be particular with the guest list and only invite the people that mean the most to the bride-to-be. Communicate with her and gather a list of the people she would love to see at her celebration.

Step 3: Pick a theme

Make her bridal shower extra unique and fun by incorporating a theme.

Some of Homebodii’s favourite bridal shower themes include: Old Hollywood, a high tea party, luxury pyjama party or choosing a particular colour scheme (ours would definitely be pink!) that the invitations, dress code, decorations and food will need to follow.

Again, think about the bride-to-be’s likes and dislikes as this will help you make the perfect bridal shower theme.

Step 4: Match the dress code to the theme

Now that you have a venue and theme, you need to pick the perfect dress code to match. Encourage your guests to dress up in the style of the theme, whether it be getting glitz and glam for an Old Hollywood theme, wearing pastel or summer dresses for a high tea in the park, or wearing one of our comfortable pyjama sets (like our Abigail Long PJ Set!) for a relaxed bridal shower at home.

Whatever you choose, make sure you let the guests know in advance.

Step 5: Keep the guests entertained

Now that the guests have all RSVP’d, you need to find some unique activities to keep everyone entertained during the bridal shower.

Put wedding twists on childhood games, create some fun quizzes that test the guests on the bride-to-be, her childhood and her love story, or hire a karaoke machine and have fun singing the bride-to-be’s favourite songs.

Make sure the activities allow the guests to mingle, chat and laugh, as this will make for a special and memorable bridal shower.

Head to our Homebodii Pinterest to see more bridal shower activities.

Step 6: Gifts for the bride-to-be and guests

Step six is Homebodii’s favourite part of planning a bridal shower. Gift the bride one of our gorgeous bridal robes so she can feel comfortable and luxurious whilst getting ready before her wedding ceremony. Some of homebodii’s favourite bridal robes include: the Farrah Long Lace Chiffon Robe, the Natalia Lace Robe or the Lucy Lace Trim Robe.

Alternatively, gift the bride a personalised pyjama set, like our rose Short Pyjama Piping Set, to ensure she has a comfortable night sleep before her big day. Other gifts for the bride-to-be could include our beautiful Bride Candle or the Wedding Day Candle - Peony & Clear Quartz With Gold Leaf. These gifts will ensure the bride-to-be is feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and loved and will bring decadence to her special day.

Bridesmaid WeddingDay Candle

If the bride-to-be is spending her bridal shower with her bridesmaids, gift them the Bella Robe so that they have a special and stylish robe to get ready in before the wedding ceremony.

Need some more inspiration? Check out Wedding Wire's 'How to Throw a Bridal Shower That's Seriously Glam'.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for creating a perfect bridal shower!

April 02, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
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