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We have all had those moments when we enter our laundry, only to encounter a mountain monster of laundry staring back at us. We think to ourselves, how did this get so big, and I really wish this would disappear. Well, with a bit of daily discipline, you can concur that mountain and become a laundry legend in no time. 

Like doing the dreaded dishes and making your bed, laundry needs to be a daily chore. Some simple changes to your everyday routine can significantly minimise your laundry and save your precious time.


Do some laundry every day

Taking the time to throw a laundry load in each day saves more time in the long run. Instead of doing all the loads in one day, take 15-20 minutes each day to wash at least one load. Go about your normal daily routines, then dry the load, shake out the items, and start the sorting process.

Laundry baskets in each bedroom

Invest in several baskets for your and your family's bedroom. Each morning do a sweep of the rooms and collate the dirty clothing into the laundry. This way it doesn't pile up and becomes more manageable.


Use basket for light, dark and colours 

Sort your dirty laundry into dark whites and colours, this way, you are maximizing your loads and ensuring no nasty dyes leek onto your precious clothes. We have all had that rouge red sock that has wreaked havoc on our white shirts in the past.


Simplify your sorting 

If you leave, you will grieve…. As soon as it finishes a load, pop on another one, and with the clean clothes, place them in the dryer or air straight away. Babe, it will take only 5 mins, and you will be so glad you did it.

Enlist a little help

Delegating everyone to their own clothes basket means we can get everything put away in record time.
Laundry Routine Schedule
Happy washing!


Care for your Intimates and Sleepwear

Treat Your Delicates Like Delicates. The gold standard has always been washing by hand and try not to put in the dryer, preferring to air dry. However, as we are all time poor using a gentle cycle and good quality detergent such as …. It will make a huge difference.


The ultimate investment insert 

Looking to have that dry cleaner experience at home, well over the last 12 months, companies such as LG and Samsung have brought to the market at home steamers that Steam away germs and allergens. These at-home steamers also sanitize your family's clothes by steaming deep into the fabric of clothes. It helps remove up to 99% of certain viruses and bacteria, house mites, allergens, odor-causing gases, and other harmful substances.

Omg life-changing!


1. Use a cool gentle wash with like colours.

2. Air and dry your sleepwear out naturally (the Earth will thank you!), or use a low heat tumble dry if required.

3. Cool iron inside out if required. 

4. Use a natural mild detergent that is free of chemicals.

5. Add a little extra touch of Homebodii magic with our signature Peony and Marshmellow Linen Spray before putting them away! Keeps your lounging time smelling of utter bliss… what could be more luxurious?


Plus, keep an eye out for our Homebodii Garment Wash Bag, coming very soon for your care routine!


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