There’s not much that's more stressful than waking up to dry skin and breakouts just days before your wedding. Yes, we know its important to have good skin health all year round, but sometimes you drop the ball, and with a wedding on the way its time to pick it back up so you feel confident and ready. Keeping reading to found the best ways to guarantee glowing skin on your bid day.

Overall maintenance

Surely by now we all know the Golden Rule: always remove your makeup and wash your face before bed … ALWAYS. It is imperative your skin can breath over night, not washing your face well enough or at all can leave your pores clogged and cause blemishes/blackheads. We suggest double sensing with first an oil base then foam. Whilst we don’t understand the technical chemical process completely, we do understand that oil cleansers dissolve makeup and sebum which is exactly what we need. After our makeup has melted away we use a foaming cleanser - always with a neutral P.H to keep your skin at a happy medium. Additionally make sure to exfoliate once or twice a week to remove any dead skin, too much and it can irritate existing blemished causing them to stick around for longer. Doing this regularly will improve your skin significantly, fend off the breakouts and make for a smoother makeup application.

Sun and skin

The sun is so beneficial to the body we often forgot we still need protection from it. A life of direct sunlight can leave us with wrinkles, sun spots and sun damage, so make sure you cover up with a hat, sunnies and sunscreen of at least 15+ SPF – your skin will thank you later.

Pro tip: Make sure the label reads ‘noncomedogenic’ or ‘nonacnegenic’ to prevent pore clogging.

Professional Love

We can use as many serums and masks as we like but sometimes we need to call in the experts. Dermatologists are skin fairy’s and can bust out the big moves to really get your skin looking its best. We aren’t telling you that you need a facial once a week (whilst that would be nice), but consider getting treatments once a month. Facials give you that little bit extra than what you get at home, whether it's a deep clean, skin peel, or that nice little massage at the end, it will do your skin wonders.


What you put into your body matters

Remember, you are what you eat. A diet rich in vitamin C and low sugar and fat promotes healthy and glowing skin, dairy is also known to play a role in acne formation. Its important regardless of your goal to eat foods that will nourish your body. We recommend analysing your skin, how does it feel and look? What does it need? Where are you trouble spots and when? You should work towards understanding your skin and applying the correct routine to combat that, whether that be a change in diet or products.

Moisturise and hydrate

WATER. WATER. WATER. Made up of about 60% water, we need to hydrate to function and drinking an adequate amount of water regularly aids in digestion, circulation, and absorption. While your skin benefits from water consumption its also important to moisturise regularly morning and night to ensure it’s getting the hydration it needs for repairing and maintenance. This will leave your skin smoother and plumper.

Beauty Sleep

Sleep is essential for your body and in particular your skin. When you sleep your body boosts its blood circulation resulting in you waking with a healthy glow - no sleep = no glow. A lack will promote systemic inflammation, which wreaks havoc on the skin, triggering potential eczema outbreaks, acne, and accelerate skin ageing. So, while we know you have allot to get done before your big day, make sure sleep always remains at the top of your to-do list!

Pro top: Invest in a silk pillow to prevent oil and bacteria absorption and wash regularly.


Keep active

Regular exercise helps the overall circulation of your body and accelerates the cleansing process. Sweating out your toxins and getting your heart moving is always a positive for body health and radiant skin.

While its important to find products that are safe and effective for you, hundreds of dollars aren’t necessary for healthy skin. Drink water, cleanse, moisturise repeat. By following these steps prior to your wedding day you can count on smoother and softer glowing skin.

Let us know if you have any holy grail skin secrets in the comments below! Xx

October 15, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
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