There’s not much you and your bestie would dream about more over the years than being apart of one another’s big day, it’s a journey you both promised to ensure would go down in the history books. Now that your wedding day is finally on the horizon, you want the news to be a little more special than a catch up over a cup of coffee. Well don’t fret, because here at homebodii we have done the thinking for you; here’s four super cute ways to ask your bestie to be your Maid of Honour.

An embroidered Maid of Honour Robe

What’s more uniting than a Bride Tribe - a group of you and your closest friends going through the motions of wedding planning and delivery together. With our personalised Bridal and Bridesmaid Robes, you and your Bride Tribe can embody the wedding fantasy, with each Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour gifted with their very own embroidered robe detailing their role on your special day.

A gifted set of personalised PJs

While this day is about you and the hubby, you want your bestie to know she is equally a part of the journey. A personalised gift to your Maid of Honour is the perfect way to show them just how much you value their friendship. Our range of personalised sleepwear is the perfect go-to. Top it off with a detailed with a hand written note inviting them to be apart of your special day. Cute!

A Slumber party

As the years go by, sleepovers and slumber parties with your closest gal pals slowly fade into non-existence, no matter how much we love the combination of gossip, wine and sleep. Do something fun for you and your bestie - even your Bridesmaids. Host a sleepover filled with self-care, chocolates and gorgeous sleepwear to celebrate the weeks ahead. Plus … can you imagine the cute pics in your Ava Slip!


A ‘proposal’ to your maid of honour -and bride’s maids- can be the perfect way to welcome your closest friends into the journey of your new life ahead. Bride Tribe proposals are becoming a common trend, with lavish events and get togethers filled with goodies to kick off the wedding celebrations. We suggest putting together Bride Tribe goodie bags entailing a Bridesmaid detailed candle and a Jasmine Slip to help your ladies feel beautiful.

If you're excited to employ these cute ideas, or if you have already make sure to let us know in the comments so we at homebodii can be apart of your journey! X

September 03, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
Tags: Bridesmaids

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