Here at Homebodii we’ve been busy little bees working on some really exciting collections. You may have heard through the grapevine that our designer flew over to Miami to shoot the most jaw-dropping Homebodii campaign to date. Well, lucky for you we’re giving you a sneak peek at all the gorgeousness that’s coming your way and taking you behind the scenes of shooting Miami L’Amour at the historic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, with the loveliness that is Jordan Murray. After being scouted and walking New York Fashion week at 17, Jordan has had a winding journey of self -discovery and defining what beauty means to her. She sat down with us to talk femininity, keeping your cup full and her favourite ways to indulge.

lace bridal robe

What does embodying femininity mean to you?

Embodying femininity means leaning into my strength and trusting my gut. Women are so incredibly intuitive! I always feel most feminine when I’m following my instincts and moving with ease.

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vizcaya museum and gardens Miami

How do you keep your ‘cup’ full, so that you can work and live in your best state of being?

Remember the thing about putting your own oxygen mask on first? It’s cliche for a reason ! You have to value your time. I always take at least an hour each day to go to move my body or get outside without my phone. If I'm not adamant about creating this time for myself I’m far less robust and I don’t have as much to give to the people who make my life possible.

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white lace bridal robe

If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing about beauty, what would it be?

Beauty is about balance. It’s the sum of living a full life, nourishing your body, loving yourself and having fun (and sunscreen!!) I wouldn’t have been ready to hear it then, some days i’m still not ready, but it’s true.

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Your favourite indulgence?

It’s a tie between watching queer eye, paying other people to do my washing and eating a whole bag of chips for dinner.

vizcaya museum and gardens photoshoot

Miami L’amour was shot at Vizcaya Museum and Gardne by Jessica Aleece, with H&MU by Brie Stevenson.

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, our Miami L'Amour collection leaves no detail unthought of to bring you lace designs like you've never experienced before.

Watch the film here:

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October 17, 2019 — Ashley Pilkinton

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