After having a chat to Sophie about her difficulty with sleeping, we were very pleased to hear that Sophie's homebodii sleepwear has helped her journey towards bettering her sleep. After surviving breast cancer at a very young age, Sophie is on a journey to wellness and happiness; and we couldn't be happier for her! Some stories are worth sharing ...

1. What is your favourite book?

I read a lot - so I could never really choose a favourite!
One I've currently been loving though, is "Désirée" by Annemaire Selinko, which in my opinion is a must for all those who are interested in history. Some of my all time favourites are "Even in Paradise" by Chelsey Philpot and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky.

2. How did you get to be an Instagram influencer?

I don't consider myself an influencer. I'm just a regular girl that puts a lot of effort into her Instagram account. I've always been interested in photography and love to post interesting content and share what I love. It just so happens that others seem to like what I do as well - and that makes me so happy!

3. What is your morning beauty routine?

It takes me about ten minutes to truly wake up in the morning! My number one beauty rule is to moisturise - so I am always sure to wash then moisturise, usually using a serum. When that's done I make myself breakfast and a green tea and start doing my makeup, which takes me fifteen minutes. Since I don't really have too much time in the mornings, I like to keep my routine short and sweet.

4. And your night time one?

I don't usually stay up late, because I like to make sure I get enough sleep. I do take a lot of time to prepare for bed though - it's probably my fav time of the day! I start with removing my makeup and cleaning my face. Then I use my favourite face-peel from Neutrogena to really get all the dirt off my skin. I then moisturise and tone so I can wakeup with my skin feeling nice and glowy. I always say that it is far more important to take care of your skin rather than cover it up with makeup! A little bit of TLC goes a long way. After that, I put on my lovely Homebodii nightgown and crawl into my comfy bed.

5. What is your favourite thing about being at home?

Probably having my family around. My Mum is the most caring person I know and I love being near her. She's very homely! I also love being able to game with my boyfriend (yes I'm a hopeless nerd) and watch movies. I'm a little sensitive when it comes to big crowds or noise, so I am my happiest when I'm at home, lounging in the sun in our backyard!

6. If you had to choose one beauty product to use forever, what would it be?

That's such a hard question, but I guess I couldn't live without my YSL primer and my Benefit eyebrow pencil.

7. What is a secret talent you have?

Funnily enough, I'm actually quite good at making bird noises and singing! That sounds super weird, but I am super weird so I guess it fits my personality quite well. Sometimes I'll hide around the corner and whistle to my Mum so she thinks there's a bird in the house!

8. What is your ultimate fashion tip?

I'm only starting out in the fashion game, but one thing I've noticed is that most outfits look better when they are layered. It just makes it more interesting in my opinion. Also: there is no life without a white tee and a leather jacket. Essentials!

9. What is your ideal night out?

Super boring, but my perfect night out is actually sleeping over at my boyfriend's house (where I basically live 24/7 anyway). I love to cook for him and sit on their big terrace, watch the sunset and talk for hours. My favourite part is when we order sushi (we are addicted to sushi it's crazy) and feel extremely fancy while eating with chopsticks. We usually watch a movie afterwards and cuddle or meet up with friends.

10. How did you meet your boyfriend?

We go to the same school and met in class. I never noticed him before since we didn't have the same friends and he was older than me. But after Summer break we got put into the same class. One day my best friend didn't come to class so I asked him if the seat next to him was free. The moment I looked at him I just knew that he was something special! He was into another girl at the time so we became close friends first, but it didn't take long until we both realised we wanted to be with each other! I'm so grateful for him.

What is your favourite thing about being at home? Let us know in the comments below!

June 23, 2017 — Lauren McCarthy

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