Homebodii has been lucky enough to work with the beautiful former Miss Australia Courtney Thorpe in some of our most recent shoots. Courtney Thorpe was crowned Miss World Australia in 2014, and went on to represent Australia in the Miss World pageant. Over one million viewers worldwide watched Courtney as she was placed in the top 5, and crowned Miss World Oceania. In addition to modelling, Courtney travels throughout Australia and internationally, to attend and speak at a variety of events. Before winning Miss Australia, Courtney worked as an MC and had a presenting career. The former Miss Australia has also previously worked as a fashion editor at an international online magazine, and was the head of the Fashion Styling department at Queensland's leading fashion college.

Courtney strives to make a difference in people's lives, and is proactive in her charity ambassador roles with Variety the Children's Charity, Pink Hope, and The Purple Elephant.

We recently spoke to the international model about modelling, her motivation, and recently working with homebodii.

Audrey Robe

Courtney is pictured here wearing the Audrey lace robe.

Name: Courtney Thorpe
Occupation: Presenter/MC
Location of Residence: Brisbane

What inspired you to get into modelling?
To be honest modelling kind of found me! I was asked to do a photoshoot when I
was 14 and things just went from there. It was probably the best thing to happen
to me though, I was very insecure before getting into modelling and it
definitely gave me the confidence in myself that I needed.

Lucy Ivory Robe

Courtney is pictured wearing the Lucy Ivory robe.

What is your greatest motivation in life?
I have always been very self-motivated, whether it's not wanting to let myself
down, or prove to myself that I can do something. I have always believed the
best person to motivate you to do great things in life is yourself.

What is it like being a former Miss Australia, and how has it changed your life?
It was 2 years ago since I was crowned and a year since I handed the title over,
and it still hasn't hit me! It was such an incredible experience and opportunity
that has not only opened a lot of doors, and given me some unforgettable
memories, but it also taught me the most valuable life lessons. It's not all
glamorous like it seems from the outside and it was probably one of the most
challenging years of my entire life, but despite the ups and the downs, I
wouldn't change a thing!

Courtney Thorpe for homebodii

Tell us about your recent experience working with Homebodii.
I have been a HUGE fan of homebodii for a long time, so being given the chance
to work with them was a dream! What woman wouldn't want to spend the day playing
dress ups in their gorgeous designs?! Every single piece that I was lucky enough
to wear made me feel beautiful. It definitely made me realise I need to update
my pyjama draw!

What is your ultimate fashion tip?
Dress for you. Don't worry about impressing anyone else but yourself. I get the
most compliments when I am feeling great about myself! It definitely also helps
when you understand basic fashion rules on how to hide or show off your features.

Amalia lace trim robe

Courtney is pictured here wearing the Amalia Lace Trim Robe.

What is your favourite thing about being at home?
It's my safe space! I don't have to worry about having my hair and makeup done,
I can wear whatever I like and just curl up in bed and have a bit of quiet time.

Which homebodii garment best suits your personality?
All of them! That's what I love about homebodii, it is all so beautifully
feminine and made to flatter women and make them feel amazing that it doesn't
matter which piece you wear.

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November 19, 2016 — Ashley Pilkinton

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