By Health and Wellness Mentor: Madonna Williams

Imagine your wedding day. The gorgeous dress, sexy lingerie, divine shoes, perfect hair and make-up, glorious venue, the loving guests, selected menu, the man of your dreams waiting and all of the finer details. Everything looks perfect! You're completely organised!

Married 22 years ago, I remember being in a whirlwind of happiness surrounded by our family and friends. It was a magical day and the only factor I wished to be different was to SLOW it down! I wanted to go back and take the time to talk, smell, feel and soak in every golden moment.

Perhaps your every little detail won't go according to your perfect plan but how can you relax enough and slow down enough to enjoy every precious moment of your magical day?

Here are my best 10 ZEN TIPS to practise for at least 10 weeks (or more) before your special day. These tips are guaranteed to help you feel more relaxed, radiant and rejuvenated and ensure that you embrace every sweet moment of your beautiful wedding♥

1. YOGA at least two Yoga classes per week and a few daily postures will not only help you tone and shape your body, relax your mind, help your skin glow but also keep you calm and focused.

2. SWEAT once per day. Whether you walk, swim, run, gym, clean or play team sport. Sweating releases toxins and tension from your body and mind, energises and calms your body and will also help your skin glow.

3. GRATITUDE MANTRAS Gratitude has so many health benefits for the body and will help you attract more positive life experiences. Try to practise a daily gratitude ritual thinking of 5 things to be grateful for before you get out of bed. Just lie completely still and pay gratitude to at least 5 things in your life. (Some of these will always be the same). You will be beaming beauty and love for your special day.

4. MEDITATE once per day. (even 5 - 10 minutes) Meditation not only stills the mind and body but will help you connect deeper to the true you. Daily meditation will soften your face and help you feel empowered, positive and relaxed. Your true happy self will be shining. Follow: for upcoming meditation classes online.

5. NATURE LOVE is so powerful for our inner spirit and the beauty you see and energy you feel in nature can be reflected in you. Try to spend time in nature every day for at least 20 minutes or longer. Either exercising, meditating or just ‘being’ in nature. Walk in the park, along the beach, swim in the ocean, meditate overlooking the mountains, or water, trees, garden. Take a few weekend trips to rain-forests, nature reserves, the beach or an idyllic country location. Infuse yourself with healthy doses of solar energy and important vitamin D with mild sunshine in the early mornings or late afternoons.

6. EAT GREEN daily. Lots of daily greens will alkalise your body and therefore help you feel calm and energised. Alkalising will also optimise your inner health, perfect body weight and outer beauty.

7. NO TOXINS for many good reasons. If you cut out all forms of sugar and processed food, you are guaranteed to feel lighter, more balanced and less eratic. Sugar has the highest level of acid of any food products. There are so many fabulous alternatives such as raw or manuka honey, raw maple syrup, stevia, dates and raisins (in smoothies/desserts) or just fruit.

8. EAT REAL try to eat only real unprocessed food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, vegetable juices, all forms of protein such as organic meats, tofu, seeds and nuts, legumes.

9. VISUALISE your perfect day ...this helps you to refine the intimate details and reassures your body to enjoy and relax. Visualisation also helps you appreciate the whole journey and it's amazing how much we learn from our pre wedding plans.

10. Keep LOVING laughing and talking! Stay connected to the people you love and those who bring out the best in you. You and your beloved partner WILL have a beautiful special wedding day and you WILL look amazing. Enjoy the whole experience. Keep the smile on your dial and let your heart sing. and book 'Zen Soul Your Life'.

Madonna Williams x homebodii

May 15, 2013 — Ingrid Bonnor
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